• Increase your app's total installs

    Increase your app's total installs

    In the ever-evolving world of technology, the success of mobile applications is often measured by the number of downloads they accumulate over time.

  • The Ultimate Guide to App Store Optimization

    The Ultimate Guide to App Store Optimization

    In a world where there's an app for almost everything, getting your app discovered by users is no small feat. This is where App Store Optimization (ASO) comes into play. ASO is the process of improving the visibility and discoverability of your mobile app in app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It's the digital marketing strategy that can make or break your app's success. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of ASO and explore the key strategies to boost your app's visibility and downloads.

  • Increase your app's total downloads

    Increase your app's total downloads

    The higher this number, the more people will download the app. Google Play also gives more traffic to apps that have already achieved a lot of downloads. Users prefer to download an app that has a high download volume as it proves its popularity.

  • Third beta of Android 12

    Third beta of Android 12

    The third beta of Android 12 has arrived with a long-awaited innovation. The development and testing of Android 12 is on schedule, and accordingly, the third beta version has finally arrived, which is already very close to the final system.

  • Buy iOS App Installs

    Buy iOS App Installs

    The usual advertising strategies are followed by many, so the cost per conversion can be very high. Many developers can’t afford thousands of dollars in daily budgets, so they can’t compete with companies. No matter how useful or fun an app is, if it is not advertised, no one will know about it.

  • Use your competitors' keywords

    Use your competitors' keywords

    Competitor analysis is essential for successful marketing. Marketing is a constant struggle that we need to win. It is no different for applications either. A good app alone is not enough, as thousands of new apps hit the market every day and easily lost among the millions of existing apps.

  • Advertising worldwide or in targeted countries?

    Advertising worldwide or in targeted countries?

    Have you ever been in a situation where your application is stuck in a position for a keyword and no longer moved forward in the rankings? This is because you only advertised the app in that country. The algorithms of Google Play and the App Store take into account the popularity of the application in each country separately, so rankings achieved in the countries reinforce each other.

  • Rank for any keywords

    Rank for any keywords

    Ranking is especially difficult for new apps because they haven’t received enough downloads yet, so you can only find them with a few keywords.

  • App Monetization Strategies

    App Monetization Strategies

    There are few who only build apps as a hobby. Most developers want to make money, so it’s important to define your money-making strategy before publishing the app. The most common money-making opportunities, their advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below.

  • Important Factors for Success

    Important Factors for Success

    Success requires knowing the path to it, and it is no different for application developers. It is important to know what are the factors that can make applications successful and thus make a profit.

  • Create app promotional video

    Create app promotional video

    A picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is a video? As the world accelerates, so do we who live in it. That is why there is little time available to grab someone’s attention. It’s no different in the app business either.

  • Disappearing ratings

    Disappearing ratings

    Most developers have already faced this problem that hundreds or even thousands of ratings can disappear in a single day. Ratings play a big role in ranking applications because not only their quantity but also the keywords in them are important.

  • Create a winner app icon

    Create a winner app icon

    For ASO, it is essential that the application icon is both eye-catching and relevant. If you want to achieve the best possible conversion, you first need to refine the application icon. Google Store takes conversion rate very seriously when ranking apps. The better the conversion rate, the more valuable your application will be.

  • 90 days to success promotions

    90 days to success promotions

    New applications have a significantly higher chance of success, as 90 days from their publication determine their ranking the most.

  • How do you get more users?

    How do you get more users?

    The developers' advertising strategy has not changed. They spend thousands of dollars on Google and Facebook ads. This is why developers with smaller budget cannot compete with larger companies.

  • Marketing Apps

    Marketing Apps

    If you’re wondering how you can effectively market your app once it’s published in the Google Play Store, then you’ve got a long road ahead of you.

  • Promote App

    Promote App

    Every day thousands of apps are downloaded through different media, the relevance that the app market has taken in the last few years is constantly growing, and there is no wonder why...

  • Buy App Installs

    Buy App Installs

    Trying to figure out how to get your app to the marketplace doesn’t seem like much of a concern to most Android app developers. Most developers believe that because their app is good, people will automatically flock to it. It will blow up...

  • How to promote an app

    How to promote an app

    The rise of application downloads from the world’s leading app stores (Play Store - Android, App Store - iOS) has prompted businesses to create marketing campaigns to differentiate its app from all others...

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  • Rank for any keywords

    What can I do if the app isn't available for a desired keyword?

  • Create app promotional video

    There are successful applications that don’t have a demonstration video, but that doesn’t mean we can be successful without it.

  • 90 days to success promotions

    Every single user is valuable, so try to do your best to turn visitors into loyal users.

  • App Monetization Strategies

    Most developers want to make money, so it’s important to define your money-making app monetization strategy.

  • Promote App

    Promote your Android app and stand out from the crowd, get others to notice your app more!