Important Factors for Success

Important Factors For Success


Success requires knowing the path to it, and it is no different for application developers. It is important to know what are the factors that can make applications successful and thus make a profit. The factors that are essential to success are listed below.



Total Installs

The total number of downloads of the application greatly affects success. If an app has already reached a higher number of downloads (e.g. 1,000,000+), it will make a good first impression for visitors and download the app with confidence. But not only does this have an advantage, it also greatly affects rankings. Applications that have received a large number of downloads appear more often in the result lists because the search algorithm takes into account not only the keyword ranking, but also the importance of the application, which is reflected in the number of downloads.


Ratings and Reviews

Similar to the number of downloads, application ratings greatly affects whether a visitor downloads the app. If an app has at least a 4.0 rating, chances are the visitor will download it. This value can vary as a visitor, so even better results can be achieved if an app has at least 4.5 ratings.

However, there are visitors who also look at the reviews. Therefore, it is important for the developer to respond to reviews so that not only the user’s opinion can be read, but also the developer’s explanation. This is especially true for negative reviews, in many cases a polite and understanding developer response can turn negative feedback into positive.


Targeted Countries

Most developers target countries that are richer and can make more profit. For ads, a click from a poor country can worth less than $0.01 cent, while a click from a richer country can worth over $1.00.

The app must be promoted in the country where we want to make it successful. With our keyword installs service, you can target more than 120 countries at an unbeatable price.



Buy Keyword InstallsWith user retention, we can increase the number of active users. This data is not visible to the visitors, but can be tracked by the developer in the developer console. This data is also used by the Play Store for ranking, which is a very important factor not only for ranking but also for profit. One of the biggest challenges for developers is to encourage acquired users to use the app on a daily basis. There are good ways to do this, for example in the case of a game:

    • daily reward
    • unlock achievements
    • tournaments

The higher the percentage of users you retain, the more profit you will grow. With this method, you can benefit not only from new users, but also from loyal users.



A well-proven method for developers is to profit from ads. However, care must be taken that the ads can not disturb users. Too many ads result in low user retention and negative ratings and reviews. In addition, users should be given the opportunity to turn off ads by making a purchase.

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