Increase your app's total downloads

Total Downloads

There are many things that can be discussed if we want to get more traffic for our applications. Examples include the good position achieved by keywords in search results or search engine optimization.

In this article, we would like to draw your attention to another option, which is the total amount of the installation, which is publicly visible in the Play Store as "Downloads".

Why is Downloads indicator useful?

The higher this number, the more people will download the app. Google Play also gives more traffic to apps that have already achieved a lot of downloads. Users prefer to download an app that has a high download volume as it proves its popularity.


How can I increase the Downloads indicator on Google Play?

There are expensive and cheap methods for this (see the next point). No service guarantees 100% increase in the "Downloads" indicator. Because it is not the installations that increase this number, but the engagement within it.

Don't confuse active users with the download indicator. The number of downloads is not increased by the number of installations, but by those who are engaged on some level with the application. No exact data can be found in this regard, but according to our many years of experience, downloads are counted as installations by users who opened the application at least 1 time, used it for at least half a minute, and then left it installed on their device (i.e. did not delete it immediately).


Where can I buy such downloads?

Expensive methods include facebook, twitter and Google ads, which also do not guarantee an increase in the Downloads indicator. Because we cannot know in advance what the user will do with the application. But the good news is that there is a much cheaper and more effective way to do this!

Using our service, you can increase the "Downloads" indicator of your application. Our service guarantees that the application will be opened at least once. Thus, even with our cheapest service, you have a good chance of increasing the Downloads indicator. However, if you want to be even more certain, you can use our Premium service, with which you can specify how many days (1-3 days) the users will keep your application installed on their device.

See the prices of our services by clicking here.


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