90 days to success promotions

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New applications have a significantly higher chance of success, as 90 days from their publication determine their ranking the most. We don’t know the Play Store algorithm in depth, as it is hidden with great care so that it cannot be manipulated.

Although there are secrets that have come to light that we could deduce from the ranking of the app through various promotions.

Examples include keyword installs, which greatly affect application rankings, but are also only part of success. There is a need for high retention by users, app opening multiple times, which indicates to the Play Store algorithm whether a particular application is useful or a particular game is interesting.

You have 90 days to determine the future of the application. During this time, try to get as many installations as possible, with multiple keywords.

If you just publish your app and wait for success without promotion, it certainly won’t make it popular. No matter how useful or interesting the app is, no one will know about it, so it won’t be downloaded.

While we can spend a lot of money in 90 days to make the app known, it is definitely worth it in the long run. It may only take a few months and the amount invested will be returned, but then you will make a net profit.

It is important to mention that above all, our application should be bug-free, good looking, useful or interesting, otherwise our money invested will never pay off.

The very first thing an user will notice is the application logo. Although it is also important what title you give to your application, but the attention of the users is attracted by the application logo. An image can say thousand words, so try to make the best possible icon for the application. This is also true for screenshots, as they have a larger appearance, so you can not only take a more detailed picture, but also place text.

Every single user is valuable, so try to do your best to turn visitors into loyal users.

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