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Ranking is especially difficult for new apps because they haven’t received enough downloads yet, so you can only find them with a few keywords. For new applications, the only initial push can be achieved with ASO, i.e. by entering the appropriate title and description (in the case of the App Store, keywords can also be entered).

But with this method, no big change is expected, because although the application can be made available with a few keywords, it will not achieve a good ranking. However, if an application is already available with a few keywords, you can use keyword installation service.


What can I do if the app isn't available for a desired keyword?

It may seem like a difficult task, but it is very simple in practice. The best solution for this is long-tail keyword installation. This method can be used to make an application available with any keyword. All you have to do is add the desired keyword to the keyword that your app is already ranked for, and then run a keyword search campaign with that long-tail keyword.

Let’s say you have a car racing app and want to make it available with the keyword “car racing”. You must first search for a keyword that will be used to find the application in the search engine, such as “extreme simulator”. All you have to do is combine the two keywords and check if the app is available: “car racing extreme simulator”. If the application is available with this long-tailed keyword, you will need to run a keyword installation campaign, and in a few days the application will become available with the keyword “car racing”. From this point on, you only need to run a campaign with this keyword to get a better position in the search results.


Rank higher with reviews

Keywords placed in the review can help the application rank for specific keywords, but this is a costly and short-term solution. The algorithm of Google and Apple stores constantly filters out suspicious reviews, therefore in many cases, wasted money is what developers spend on reviews. In most cases, reviews from users who leave too many reviews (based on installed applications) will be deleted. Also, if an application receives too many ratings compared to installations, they will also be considered suspicious and will be deleted.



As mentioned above, it’s not a big step in itself, but it’s worth optimizing for the best keyword. For new applications, it is best to make the application available with keywords. It also helps keep the app in position with a particular keyword. ASO has several advantages to increase the number of organic downloads (e.g. nice icon, screenshots), but getting a good ranking for a keyword doesn’t help much.

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