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A picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is a video? As the world accelerates, so do we who live in it. That is why there is little time available to grab someone’s attention. It’s no different in the app business either. There are successful applications that don’t have a demonstration video, but that doesn’t mean we can be successful without it. Below is a brief look at what a recommended promotional video is and how we can get it.


What is the best length for a promotional video?

The shorter the better. If the application is too complex, i.e. there are many functions, we are forced to bring to the fore the ones that are most important. We can’t expect viewers to watch even a minute’s video. We should strive to make the shortest possible video, if possible, between 10 and 30 seconds. For someone, even a 30-second video is too long, so let’s try to grab the viewer’s attention right at the very beginning of the video. For non-gaming applications, the 30-second limit can be extended to up to 1 minute.


What should the video contain?

create videoIt can be divided into two groups. When it comes to gaming, you need to make the video as spectacular as possible, as colorful as possible, full of effects. In games, we don’t have to strive for the viewer to fully understand how the app works, it is enough to know basic features. More important to arouse the viewer’s interest and desire to play with the game.

However, if it is not a game but an application that is important in our everyday lives, we must strive for a clear presentation. In this case, you should not use too many colors and effects, as this can distract the viewer to focus on the key functions.


How can I make such a video?

Since a lot can depend on whether the viewer likes the video, it’s not worth saving too much on it. There are a lot of services that undertake to make promotional videos for applications, so it’s important to make the right choice. In most cases, the time and money invested in a particular application determines how important the application is to the owner and thus how much they are willing to spend on advertising or services that can help the application look better, in this case a promotional video.

They can make a video for as little as $10 (e.g. fiverr), but don’t expect an unique or good-looking demonstration video for that money. Cheaper services use existing templates that only replace the screenshots of the application. Promotional videos like this or similar can hurt rather than help you to get better conversions rate.

There are companies that can charge you thousands of dollars to make a promotional video. But don’t think that if something is expensive, it is certainly good. Before you pay huge sums, make sure you put the project in good hands. Spend enough time checking the reference work to find the service that works best for you.

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