Use your competitors' keywords


analyze competitors


Competitor analysis is essential for successful marketing. Marketing is a constant struggle that we need to win. It is no different for applications either. A good app alone is not enough, as thousands of new apps hit the market every day and easily lost among the millions of existing apps.



Find relevant keywords

Today, there are plenty of online and downloadable programs to help us analyze the success of our competitors. We can easily find keywords that are relevant to our applications. If we skip this step, we can spend a fortune on marketing without achieving long-term success. By running ads, we can get a lot of downloads for our apps, but as soon as we stop the ad, the traffic will stop as well. That’s why we need a solution that brings organic users to our apps even after we stop advertising. However, this requires good ranking on the right keywords.


Look not only for relevant keywords, but for high-traffic keywords

Once you’ve analyzed your competitors’ keywords, focus on 1 or 2 keywords that can bring you the most traffic.

    • Then see if your application is available for that keyword.
    • If it's not available, use long-tailed keywords that include the keyword you've set as your goal. Read more about this in our Rank For Any Keywords article.
    • Once your app is available for the keyword you want, you already have an easy task, all you have to do is order keyword installations, which will increase your app’s ranking.


How many keyword installations do I need?

There is no exact answer to this, as it depends on the difficulty of the keyword, the ranking of your application, the traffic of your competitors and it is not over yet. With up to 100 keyword installations, you can reach the top 10 out of 200 rankings, but if you set a goal for the first position with a busy keyword, you definitely need more than that. But it’s definitely worth it in the long run, no matter how much we spend on keyword promotion, as it makes a profit in the short term with the number of organic downloads.


Use a trend

use trendIn many cases, trend promotion is more useful because the Play Store and Apple Store look at not only daily but also weekly and monthly statistics. Therefore, although you can reach the top position in one day if you buy a large number of keyword installations, this way the position may not be long-term. Therefore, you may want to start with a smaller number of installations and increase the number of keyword installations per day until you reach the desired rankings. It is still recommended to continue the promotion for at least a few more days to keep the ranking in both the weekly and monthly statistics.



By analyzing your competitors, you can easily find the keywords that are ideal for you, and then you can easily take the lead against them with keyword installations. Through social media or Google Ads, Search Ads, you can only drive traffic to your apps as long as you run the ads. You only need to spend a fraction of it to buy keyword installations, and you get organic traffic after the promotion.


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