How to promote an app


The rise of application downloads from the world’s leading app stores (Play Store - Android, App Store - iOS) has prompted businesses to create marketing campaigns to differentiate its app from all others. The Play Store and other application stores are full of applications trying to make some profit. Companies have found their spending on promoting their apps through mobile advertising networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, AdWords). If you are unsure how to promote an app, here are some strategies for you.


Social media

Using social media networks is a good way to reach your target audience. You can have access to many useful informations that leads you about your user’s habits and interests. As such, you can structure your ads to be more specifically targeted by age, location and interest. They will walk you through each step and give you useful suggestions based on the information (e.g. gender, age, location) you provide. Social media presence is mandatory to get some attention for your applications. When you promote android applications on social media it makes the people aware of your application and what benefits it has. You can use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get responses but make sure to use techniques that are helpful and understand who your target audience is and construct your advertisements accordingly.


Through the website

You need an online presence for your applications. Increase your application downloads by promote it on the homepage of your website. You can make it available for your visitors with a banner that links to your application’s landing page. You can include further useful informations, for example the name of the mobile app, benefits and features and promotional video. Don’t just stop with your own website, use review websites to promote your applications. People get a chance to examine many different applications and your app could be one of them.


App store optimization

Optimization is a key factor to get found in search results. Just like SEO for a website, the higher the rank, the greater visibility of your app being seen by visitors. You must have a relevant app name that guarantees the interest of the user. Choose keywords that have high traffic, but not a lot of competition. Make sure you mention your chosen keywords in the short description, and in the long description at least 3 times. The application icon must stand out of the crowd to attract visitors. It’s very important to have a high rank for your applications since this leads to better visibility to potential users.



One word keyword doesn’t necessarily work because of high competition, so it’s better to use a long tail keyword instead. Promoting your Android application is an essential part of increasing downloads. Unfortunately social media advertising will not increase your keyword positions. It can drive you a massive traffic, but it will completely ends when you stop the campaigns. If you would like a continous organic traffic, you should rank your application by keywords. Keyword install service is a proven way to increase keyword ranking, you can have massive organic traffic by good keyword positions.

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