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Every day thousands of apps are downloaded through different media, the relevance that the app market has taken in the last few years is constantly growing, and there is no wonder why. Whether you want to provide a fresh, useful and innovative application to the world, or have developed a video game that you want to share with everyone, promoting an application can make it economically beneficial. However, even if it can sound very obvious, is important to keep in mind that creating an application is one thing, but making it popular is another completely different, that's why we bring you the best ways to advertise and make others buy application installs.


How to advertise your app

Advertising an app in the right way is almost as important as creating it, at least if your goal is to make it as popular as possible, after all, there is a lot of competition out there, so even if your app is pretty good, publicizes it is not always an easy task, nonetheless, we have listed some of the great ways to advertise and buy app installations.


Free ways

Not everyone has the money to invest in promoting and to buy app installs. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a huge problem. There are many websites available where you can publish your application for free. Not everyone has Play Store application on their device, so they must find an alternative way to download apps.


Create a website

Having a website for your app would make everyone know it is, in fact, a serious app, and since legitimacy is important, having a website is highly recommended. It doesn’t have to be the best website ever, as long as you give enough information about the app and a link to download it, you would be making it right. As an additional optional idea, a comment section where users can share their thoughts and ideas about the app, it might come handy for coming for future updates, plus, it increases the app legitimacy. Clients will have it a lot easier to find your brand if you have a website and that obviously is going to help you long term.


Use the social media

This can be a very powerful tool when used right, and the amount of organic growth that an app popularity can have, it is definitely worth the time invested in getting the attention of potential customers, that is why you should have an account for your app in at least one of the most popular platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). At first, it might take a while to get followers, but if you start following people within your target audience, some of them will pay attention to what you have to share. The better you connect with your audience, the more followers you’ll get.

As said before, social media can be a powerful tool to make your app growth in popularity, especially when there is money available to help. Sure you have found yourself scrolling on Facebook and every once in a while, an app ad video pops up. Well, if you prepare a video that shows the best things your app has to offer, and you invest money in putting that video on different platforms, that video will pop up to other people, that way you will get the attention of hundreds or maybe even thousands of people, which can eventually lead to a lot of new customers.


Offer little rewards

Once you get a little community of people, you should give them reasons to share it, that way you would be getting to more people. For example: Imagine you have a video game app; in this game, you need some sort of coin to progress, in this scenario, what you could do is offer these coins to the users in exchange for sharing the app or inviting friends to play. You can also offer something in exchange for following the app's social media accounts, or for leaving a comment in the comments section of the play store/app store (or the specific web site where your app is available to download).


Paid ways
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It’s true that is not completely essential to use money, but it’s impossible to deny that it can be very helpful when it comes to promoting an app; if you consider your app to be worth of an investment, here are some ways you can use money to advertise an app.


Get to your target audience

This will make your app popularity increase in a quick way. Let’s say your app is makeup related, in this case, a good way to make it gain visibility is making a well-known business (or person) to talk about this app to their audience. You could try to make a deal with makeup related YouTube content creators to advertise the app on their channels before their audience, the cost may be a bit high (depending on the number of viewers the channel has) but since those viewers are interested in that type of content, they might as well feel interested. This method can also work with streamers or social media influencers.


Make the best of app advertising

Last but not least, iOs and android app advertising. There is no big mystery around this method, there is a reason why it is one of the most used methods to promote app. Investing in Admob (the android advertising platform) and iAd (the iOs advertising platform) is an easy way to get your app advertisement to be seen by many people. Both platforms are very similar, they both allow you to determine to which public you want to address your app advertisement, that way you can make sure you optimally get to your audience.

Whether you decide to invest money or not in promoting your app, it is extremely important to keep a good score in the store your app is in, after all, the higher the score is the more people who will feel interested in the app. For this purpose, it is highly recommended to keep an eye on your user’s opinion, they will tell you what they like and dislike about the app, that way you can be constantly improving it as it gets to more people, and the score will increase.

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