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The usual advertising strategies are followed by many, so the cost per conversion can be very high. Many developers can’t afford thousands of dollars in daily budgets, so they can’t compete with companies. No matter how useful or fun an app is, if it is not advertised, no one will know about it.


Common advertising strategies

The first thing that comes to mind is Search Ads. Apple’s own advertising platform offers one of the best conversion rates, but since so many people use this method, the bid is very high. Generally, you can get a conversion from $1 - $3, so for a daily budget of $100, you can get 30-100 conversions. Isn't that too much for $100 right?

After frustration with Search Ads, social media advertising is the most common. However, this already requires SDK integration to track the conversion. You can advertise without SDK integration, but you won't know the exact cost per conversion. Unfortunately, advertising on social sites is also starting to get more and more expensive, luckily more conversions are available from your daily budget, but don’t expect miracles!


How do I get more conversions from my budget?

iOS installs

With incentivized traffic! Compared to standard advertising methods, you can achieve up to 15x more conversions with this method. Incentivized traffic is when someone installs an app because they get something. Examples include coins, gems, or extra lives that can be earned while playing. It's similar to rewarded ads, but you don't pay for views, you pay for conversions.


What are the benefits of an incentive installation?

The question arises, who would want a user who installs the app just to get a reward for it? Incentivized installations do not result in users who will use the app frequently, but to make the app more visible in the Apple Store as the volume of downloads. The more downloads an app gets, the more attention the Apple Store pays for it. With this method, you can get users in an organic way.

This is especially true for keyword installations, as this method does not allow the user to download the application via a direct link, but selects it from the list by entering a keyword. This method gives the app a better ranking with the keyword you are looking for, resulting in a lot of organic downloads. Take a look at our pricing, choose the package that works best for you.


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