Create a winner app icon

Create app iconFor ASO, it is essential that the application icon is both eye-catching and relevant. If you want to achieve the best possible conversion, you first need to refine the application icon. Google Store takes conversion rate very seriously when ranking apps. The better the conversion rate, the more valuable your application will be.



What is conversion rate?

conversion rateThe conversion rate can be calculated from the ratio of visitors and downloads. For example, if 1,000 users viewed the app one day and only 100 of them installed it, that’s a bad conversion rate, as 90% of users judged, based on additional screenshots and other information, that they didn’t need the app.



How can I increase my conversion rate?

It can be increased if the icon of the application is primarily relevant, so it tells the visitor exactly what content the application has. Therefore, it is important that the application icon is not only nice but also relevant, otherwise the conversion will be low.


What is an eye-catching app icon?

Many still claim to this day that it is important for ASO to write the name of the application on the icon. But this is not true for several reasons. The first most compelling reason is that those looking for an app just run their eyes through the search results. What do they look at first? Mostly the app icon, and if they pique their interest, they tap on it. Most visitors don’t spend time reading, not even reading the title of the app, let alone the text on the icon. Second, the application icon is very small in the search result, making it mostly unreadable due to the size of the text. The best application icons are simple, meaning they have a clear look, not over-detailed. Furthermore, the attention of visitors is best captured with colors, the proper composition of bright colors is the key to success.


Icon A / B testing

App iconsUnlike the Apple Store, Google Play gives you the ability to test icons to help refine and finalize the app icon that brings the highest conversions. The application icon is displayed to visitors at 50-50%, so you can easily determine which application icon brought the most downloads.



How do I create an application icon?

It is difficult to learn several professions on a professional level, so if you do not have design knowledge, you may want to look for a service that will prepare the right one for you. One of the best known is the fiverr service, where you can find hundreds of designers who create application icons. The most expensive or highest rated service is not always a good decision, so it’s worth looking at the portfolio of people providing the service. If you are looking for an alternative, you may want to try the services of anytask. However, if you want to work with pros and don’t want to save money on the app icon, 99designs is probably a good choice.

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