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Traffic is needed

Apps can be promoted in several ways. It is possible to get a lot of traffic for applications through the app stores and social media ads, but this is very expensive, and by stopping the ad, the entire traffic can disappear. App store optimization no longer brings enough success, as the Google and Apple algorithm often changes and is not consistent.

The big fish eats the small fish

It is impossible for individual developers or small companies to keep up with giant companies that spend tens of thousands of dollars a day on advertising. The number of organic users is decreasing, as there is at least one ad at the top of every search result. Developers were forced to run ads, but in most cases, the money spent on advertising does not bring enough users to make a profit.

What is the solution?

As much as they say that all developers are equal, those with more money still have an advantage. The solution is not to give them our money for the traffic, but to spend a fraction of it on a better and faster solution. We strive to always be up-to-date in understanding the algorithm of the app stores. In this way, we can provide a cost-effective and quick solution for the promotion of applications.